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Chandni S Chanana

Chandni S Chanana


Size - 36 X 48 Inch 
Medium - Acrylic on canvas.

Our connection? What is it? Is it emotional? Is it spiritual? Are we related? Are we friends? Sisters? Is it our music that connects us? Who knows. All we know is that we are soulmates. 


    Chandni S Chanana's philanthropic efforts have been recognized internationaly.  Her works have been auctioned at the various Exhibitions .  In Dubai at " Moment in Time " a fundraiser for Physically Enabled Girls and conducted by Indian ladies Club , Dubai , UAE .  Earlier her painting was also auctioned through the national Gallery of Modern art , Mumbai , India at the Taj Mahal Hotel by Rotary Club of India for " Art with a Heart " .  The Proceeds for this auction were donated to the Army Welfare Fund .  In 2017 , Chandni's painting titled " Theatrical " was showcased as a cover for the Fiction book of an overseas author " If You Only Knew Me " .  She also created the cover of the Book titled " Nothing is Absolute " .  Chandni S Chanana conducts frequent workshops titled " ART - I - TUDE " for Children which analyses & nurtures a child's attitude and aptitude towards learning Art .

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